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  • Demographic Vulnerability Report
    World population is projected to increase from 7.3 billion today to 9.6 billion or more by 2050. Virtually all that growth will be in the developing world, and much of that increase will occur in countries struggling to alleviate hunger and severe poverty. Many countries with rapidly growing populations are threatened by water scarcity or deforestation; others are struggling with conflict or political instability. While progress is not precluded, population growth in these countries is a challenge multiplier.
  • Double Trouble
  • Senseless: The War on Birth Control
    The war on birth control has been fought under many different banners. In some sense, it is an undeclared war, as many of its adherents are unwilling to say publicly that they oppose birth control. That would be too direct and too unpopular. Instead, they assert that access to contraception must be curbed because of abortion, public morals, or the need to curb spending. None of these arguments, however, withstand any kind of scrutiny. The war on contraception, whatever the stated rationale or pretense, is bad public policy.
  • 2030: The “Perfect Storm” Scenario
    This report looks at how population growth, climate change and the rising demand for food, energy and water could combine to create a global crisis by the year 2030.
  • The Divided States of Reproductive Health and Rights: A 50 State Report Card
    The Divided States of Reproductive Health and Rights: a 50 State Report Card
  • The 2030 Scenario Planning Guide
    This guide outlines two scenario planning exercises that can be used by policymakers and educators to explore the issues and concerns raised by the 2030: The "Perfect Storm" Scenario.
  • The Population Challenge: Key to Global Survival
    Stabilizing the growth of the world’s human population is a goal that must be achieved if we are to preserve our options for the future and improve the odds for the world’s sustainability.