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The Population Institute is an international non-profit that educates policymakers and the public about population, and seeks to promote universal access to family planning information, education, and services.  Through voluntary family planning, we strive to achieve a world population in balance with a healthy global environment and resource base. 

Population News

  • World Population Day: Time for a Renewed Commitment to Family Planning Jul. 11, 2018 - Twenty-nine years ago, the UN designated July 11th as World Population Day. Today, as then, the world needs to recognize that access to family planning services is a basic human right. Women, regardless of where they live, should be able to determine freely the number and spacing of their children. Read More »
  • Statement on Proposed Domestic Gag Rule May. 23, 2018 - Last night the Trump-Pence administration unveiled their latest attack on women health and rights, a ‘domestic gag rule’ that will prevent people from getting the health care they need. This proposed domestic gag rule will apply to health care providers seeking Title X grants. Title X is the federal program that supports family planning clinics serving low-income communities in the U.S. The proposed domestic gag rule prevents anyone who receives Title X funding from referring their patients for safe, legal abortion services. Read More »
  • As Amnesty International Calls Out the Trump Administration’s “Virulent” Attacks on Reproductive Rights of Women and Girls, a New Population Institute Report Card Shows the Impact of Such Attacks on Americans’ Health and Rights Feb. 23, 2018 - The new Amnesty International report on “The State of The World’s Human Rights” calls out the United States for abridging reproductive rights and harming reproductive health in 2017. The report sharply criticizes the Trump-Pence administration’s “broad and multifaceted” attacks on women and girls, and what it calls “particularly virulent” attacks and “extreme restrictions” on sexual and reproductive health care. At the same time, Politico reported that State Department officials working on their annual global human rights report were ordered to strike many of its references to reproductive rights, including discussion of abortion rights or access to contraception. Read More »
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Our News

  • Feb 15, 2018
    The Divided States of Reproductive Health and Rights - On the heels of the Trump administration’s proposed 2019 budget, which seeks to slash support for reproductive health programs, the Population Institute today released its sixth annual report card on reproductive health and rights in the U.S. The results were alarming, showing declining overall reproductive health and rights and growing disparities between states after the first year of Trump policies. For 2017, the overall U.S. grade fell from a “D” to a “D-.” 18 states got a failing grade. Read More »
  • Feb 06, 2018
    Population Institute Announces 2017 Global Media Award Winners - The Population Institute today announced the winners of its 38th annual Global Media Awards. In a slight departure from previous years, this year’s winners were selected for their research, writing or reporting on topics related to the escalating political assault on reproductive health and rights in the U.S. Read More »
  • Oct 03, 2017
    Senseless: The War on Birth Control - The Population Institute today released “Senseless: The War on Birth Control.” The report offers an eye-opening look at how birth control opponents at the federal and state levels are mobilizing in an effort to restrict access to family planning services and information. Read More »
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Senseless: The War on Birth Control

Senseless: The War on Birth Control

2018 Report: The Divided States of Reproductive Health and Rights

The Divided States of Reproductive Health and Rights

Demographic Vulnerability Report

Demographic Vulnerability Report

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