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February 23, 2022

Population Institute Tenth Annual Report Card On U.S. Reproductive Health & Rights Posts Worst Grades Yet, Capping a Decade of Decline

Today the Population Institute (PI) released its tenth annual 50 State Report Card on Reproductive Health and Rights . The most comprehensive assessment of its kind, it tracks multiple indicators of reproductive health and rights, including access to family planning, sex education, and abortion services. Read More »

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Press Release

July 27, 2022

Abortion is Health Care Everywhere: Ensuring access to abortion services for millions of people globally

Senator Cory Booker today introduced the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act. This is the first-ever legislation to repeal the Helms Amendment, a 50-year-old policy that bans the use of United States foreign assistance for abortion, putting an arbitrary line between abortion care and all other global health services. Read More »

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August 03, 2022

Stop Exporting Harmful U.S. Anti-Abortion Policy. Repeal the Helms Amendment

Not only did the overturning of Roe make the U.S. an outlier by rolling back abortion rights, it has the potential to send reverberations around the world. Despite the huge movement to liberalize abortion rights around the world, the decision could embolden opponents worldwide to take action to roll back that progress. Anti-abortion activists may not be the only ones—governments and politicians abroad seeking to restrict abortion rights could also use the U.S. as justification to restrict access to abortion in their own countries. Read More »

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