Behind Closed Doors: Exposing and Addressing Harmful Gender-Based Practices in the United States

Despite often being dismissed as foreign or cultural problems, harmful gender-based practices exist in every community across the United States, affecting countless individuals. Behind Closed Doors confronts the reality of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C); child, early, and forced marriage/union (CEFMU); femicide; and virginity testing occurring within the United States—emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive action. The ripple effect of gender-based harm transcends geographical boundaries; recognizing the universal dimensions is crucial for showing solidarity with the global community working against these injustices.

Behind Closed Doors calls for culturally competent legislation, survivor-centered resources, and comprehensive sexuality education to address the root causes and effects of harmful gender-based practices. Specific considerations must be taken for the LGBTQI+ community, who face disproportionate rates of violence and suffer unique impacts of gender-based harms. Behind Closed Doors strives to enact meaningful change and support a future where all individuals can thrive in safety and dignity through collaborative efforts with policymakers, community leaders, healthcare professionals, and advocacy groups.

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