Trump Administration Continues It’s War on Birth Control

Today the Trump administration announced a major roll back of the Affordable Care Act’s no co-pay birth control. The new rule, which goes into effect immediately, allows all employers, schools, and insurers to decide not to cover birth control for any moral or religious reason.

This change will have a major impact on women’s health and women’s ability to access effective and affordable birth control. The Obamacare mandate saved women $1.4 billion in out of pocket costs in the first year on birth control pills alone.

Robert Walker, President, Population Institute, commented on the roll back of birth control coverage:

“The Trump administration has escalated their war on birth control by allowing employers to stop covering birth control for any moral or religious reason. This will put basic health care out of the reach for many women, putting their health at risk. It is an outrageous attack on women’s health care and women’s ability to plan their families.

Earlier this week in releasing a special report, “Senseless: The War on Birth Control,” the Population Institute documented the escalating assault on birth control since 2011, including  attacks on Planned Parenthood, implementation of Trump’s expanded Global Gag Rule, and proposed elimination of funding for Title X and international family planning. This administration and its allies are conducting an all-out assault on women’s access to reproductive health care.”