Statement from the Population Institute on the Protests against Police Violence

In response to the killing of George Floyd, millions of Americans have joined together to protest the taking of yet another innocent life by law enforcement officers whose duty it is to uphold the law and protect the public. The Population Institute condemns police brutality and the excessive use of force that continues to take a tragic and unacceptably high toll on the Black community.

Inside or outside of law enforcement, there is no place for racism in America. All of us must do our part to eradicate it. Far too little has been done to reform police practices and the broader criminal justice system in the United States. Our failure to act comes at a high price, a price that we cannot afford, particularly at a time when our nation is fighting a deadly pandemic and widespread economic dislocation.

Justice matters, and, if justice matters, Black lives matter. This a difficult and trying time for millions of Americans. It calls for unity, not division. As former president Barack Obama said earlier this week, our grief and anger must be channeled into peaceful, sustained, and effective action.