Population Institute Report Documents Unprecedented Assault on Reproductive Rights by the Trump/Pence Administration

With the U.S. Supreme Court preparing to render judgment on two cases that could significantly limit access to reproductive health services in the U.S, the Population Institute today released a report documenting the Trump/Pence administration’s expansive and tireless assault on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

In releasing the report, Robert Walker, the president of the Population Institute, said, “When it comes to restricting access to reproductive health care services at home and abroad, the Trump/Pence administration has been utterly relentless. Far too few Americans understand the full scope of the ongoing attacks on sexual and reproductive health and rights, let alone the real world impacts they will have, particularly on the poor.”

The report, which is titled Obsessed: The Trump/Pence administration’s assault on sexual and reproductive health rights details the administration’s multilayered, and increasingly successful, efforts to restrict access to birth control, as well as abortion clinics. The attacks have defied Congress and public opinion, ignored established judicial precedents, trampled on constitutional rights, rejected scientific evidence, and disregarded the advice of medical experts.

In its unrelenting quest to oppress the reproductive health rights of women, low-income earners, people of color, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, the Trump/Pence administration and its allies have used every means at their disposal. They have:

  • Stacked the federal courts with young anti-choice judges, whose lifetime appointments could reshape the future of sexual and reproductive health and rights for generations to come;
  • Mounted legal challenges against federal programs, including the Affordable Care Act, that improve access to contraceptive services;
  • Issued new rules that undermine the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and its evidence-based approach to preventing teen pregnancy;
  • Formulated a “domestic gag rule” that prevents Title X family planning providers from counseling pregnant patients about abortion or referring them to abortion providers, a step that forced many family planning providers, including Planned Parenthood affiliates, to withdraw from the program, which serves low-income households;
  • Made college campus life less safe by issuing a new Title IX directive that significantly narrows the definition of sexual harassment;
  • Re-imposed and greatly expanded the Mexico City Policy, often referred to as the “global gag rule,” by issuing an executive order that prohibits foreign organizations receiving any U.S. aid assistance from advocating for, or referring patients to abortion services;
  • Suspended U.S. support for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), jeopardizing the sexual and reproductive health of women in developing countries, including those residing in refugee camps; and
  • Sought to roll back the U.N.’s long-standing commitment to sexual and reproductive health and rights at several U.N. conferences and proceedings.