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U.S. Census Bureau Projects World Population at 9.4 billion by 2050

The U.S. Census Bureau released its latest world population projections in June.  The latest revision shows world population reaching an estimated 9.4 billion by 2050. The biggest gains are likely to occur in Africa, where it’s anticipated that population will double in the next forty years. Nigeria’s population, currently 166 million, is on track to exceed 400 million by 2050, while Ethiopia’s population, presently 91 million, will jump to an estimated 278 million by mid-century. The Census Bureau’s projections assume that fertility rates will continue to decline in most parts of the world, including Africa, but it noted that fertility rates are actually increasing in some part of the world, including Spain and Italy.  India’s population will surpass China’s by 2025, making it the world’s most populous nation.,8599,2080404,00.html