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World Food Day Observed

World Food Day (WFD) was observed around the globe on October 16 amid indications that another food crisis may be looming, as commodity prices for rice, wheat and corn continued a sharp advance.

This year WFD’S marked the fourth year in a row in which the observance was linked to a potential food crisis. Three years ago rising grain prices and shrinking grain reserves triggered a global food crisis.  Two years ago, the world grain markets were recovering from a tripling of rice prices and a doubling of corn and wheat prices. Last year, the FAO reported that the number of chronically hungry had climbed over the 1 billion mark for the first time in history.

This year, the FAO lowered the estimated number of hungry people in the world to 925 million, but severe droughts, flooding, and record high temperatures have contributed to poor harvests and another bout of food inflation, and some officials are warning that another food crisis could be right around the corner.  Wheat and corn prices have increased 57% in the past six months, while rice is up 45% and soybeans are at their highest price in nearly 18months.