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Global Population Speak Out

PI's annual global grassroots initiative, Global Population Speak Out (GPSO), is designed to bring new voices into the realm of population activism. By demonstrating that population is an approachable issue, especially in the context of sustainability initiatives and discussions, the capacity of the international community to achieve long-term sustainable living solutions is strengthened.

GPSO begins with an invitation (the GPSO letter) we send to a large number of scientists and scholars, environmental, science, and social policy writers, editors, and activists, staff members of environmental NGOs, politicians, and a variety of prominent public figures. This letter is signed by our own executives and a group of concerned scientists, environmental writers and sustainability activists. The recipients of our letter are invited to pledge to speak out in some way, during the month of February, on the implications of population growth and the need to boost support for family planning.

People from around the world then pledge to speak up in a variety of ways, depending on their resources and preferences. Some may write a letter to the editor of a newspaper or large scientific journal or submit a brief article to a well known publication. Others may contact a radio or TV station for an interview, delegate to a staff member a project to publicize the population issue, or even hold a press conference.

If you would like to participate in the Global Population Speak Out, send us an email at

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