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Global Media Awards

Each year PI honors journalists, filmmakers, radio and television show hosts, and editorial cartoonists from around the world who write about population issues. The awards are designed to encourage accurate and broader media coverage of population and development issues.  

Global Population Speak Out

PI's annual global grassroots initiative, Global Population Speak Out (GPSO), is designed to bring new voices into the realm of population activism. By demonstrating that population is an approachable issue, especially in the context of sustainability initiatives and discussions, the capacity of the international community to achieve long-term sustainable living solutions is strengthened.

Outreach to Parliamentarians Worldwide

PI is working to build dialogue among parlimentarians interested in population and development issues in order to build understanding of, and commitment to, sound population and reproductive health policies and to develop effective strategies for getting them adopted. 

Sustainable World Initiative

PI is working to educate the media and the public about issues relating to population and sustainability, including the food crisis, water shortages, depletion of scarce resources, loss of biodiversity, and climate change and its impact on vulnerable populations.  PI is working to develop new educational tools that will help policymakers, the media and the general public to understand the concept of sustainability and new metrics for measuring it.  PI is also working with leading economists to evaluate the impact of projected population growth on global and national economic well-being.