Presidencies are often made or broken within the first two years, so how is the Trump legacy looking at the two-year mark? Read More »

Sic transit gloria mundi — “Thus passes the glory of the world” — is a phrase generally directed to popes, kings, and other leaders to remind them of the fleeting nature of human triumphs. But as the United Nations’s 24th round of climate talks, COP 24, proceed in Poland, that phrase is taking on a whole new meaning. “If we don’t take action,” Sir David Attenborough said in the opening speech, “the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”  Read More »

In October, not just one but two high-level reports on climate change warned that the world’s nations are falling short of what’s needed to keep the Earth from overheating dangerously — to the point that it’s time to literally pull carbon dioxide out of the air on a massive scale. Neither report, however, mentioned an opportunity that could help both to constrain emissions and to scrub out some of that carbon: removing barriers to the voluntary use of family planning. Read More »

Multilateral institutions are fracturing, democracies are reeling, and a global trade war looms. In a scene that many Americans once thought unthinkable, an American president went to the United Nations to repudiate “globalism,” effectively encouraging all nations to act in their narrow national interests, without regard to global concerns. Read More »

Call it “The Great Stall.” Hurricane Florence lingered over the Carolinas for four days, dumping some 30 inches of rain. Flood waters are still rising, even as Typhoon Mangkhut, a superstorm 500 miles across, rakes the Philippines and Hong Kong and crashes into China. Florence is just the latest in a long series of catastrophic events generated by stalled weather patterns — slow-moving systems which occur when one of the jet streams that flow around the Earth pinches off a massive section of air from normal wind flows for a prolonged period of time. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has compiled a long list of severe weather events in the US, and most of them are linked, in one way or another, to stalled weather systems. Read More »

Last month, voters in Ireland voted by a nearly 2-1 margin to make abortion legal, but the right to an abortion in the United States is under growing siege. Read More »

Despite Congressional approval of renewed funding for family planning programs, the war on birth control is not shutting down; it is quietly revving up, with new assaults on Title X, which supports family planning clinics serving 3 million low-income households, and other fronts. Read More »

After a year of Trump administration attacks on reproductive health services, the health and rights of Americans have already suffered measurably. The recent 50-State Report Card on Reproductive Health and Rights issued by my organization, the Population Institute, gave 18 states a failing grade for 2017, and lowered the U.S. grade to a D-. It also cautioned things could take a turn for the worse in 2018. Read More »

The war on birth control is not just unrelenting. It’s escalating. The next target will be Title X, a joint federal-state program that has been supporting — for nearly half a century — family planning clinics serving low-income families. Unable to defund the program through the Congressional appropriations process, the Trump administration is determined to push it off the rails by putting administrative obstacles on the track. Read More »

Politicians such as Speaker Paul Ryan and his allies have repeatedly pushed an extreme agenda to attack initiatives such as women’s health care that have widespread support. Read More »