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Robert Walker Becomes President of the Population Institute

December 05, 2011

William N. Ryerson, Chairman of the Population Institute, announced today that Robert J. Walker has been appointed as the organization’s new President.  Walker, who has served for nearly three years as Executive Vice President, will replace Ryerson, who will continue to serve as the Chairman and CEO. 

In announcing the move, Ryerson said, “Walker has done an outstanding job in expanding our public education efforts, both domestically and internationally.  With more than three decades of policy work in Washington, he understands what it takes to raise public awareness and translate that awareness into action.  In his new position, he will devote more time to public speaking and forging the partnerships that are needed to advance family planning and reproductive health.”  Ryerson also serves as the President and CEO of the Population Media Center.

Immediately prior to joining the Population Institute in February of 2009, Walker served as President of the Population Resource Center.  Previously, Walker has also served as the Executive Director of the Common Cause Education Fund, President of Handgun Control and the Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and Legislative Counsel for AARP.  He also worked for 14 years on Capitol Hill as a top aide to three Congressional leaders. 

In assuming his new duties, Walker said, “Given its 42-year history, I’m very proud to work for the Population Institute. With 7 billion people on the planet and the largest generation ever of young people entering their prime reproductive years, there’s a lot to do.  Without a greater commitment to family planning and the realization of gender equality, many of the gains that we have made in improving human well-being could be imperiled.”

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