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World Population Day

July 11, 2011

Today is World Population Day and this year it begins the countdown to world population reaching 7 billion. Celebrating World Population Day, July 11, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) launched a social media campaign, “7 Billion Actions,” which urges all of us to tackle the challenges and opportunities a world with 7 billion people holds. With world population reaching 7 billion on October 31st UNFPA hopes that this initiative will inspire a global dialogue around seven key issues arising as a result of increased population: poverty and inequality, women and girls, young people, reproductive health and rights, environment, aging, and urbanization.

As the world continues to grow in size, UNFPA hopes that dialogue about these seven key issues will also grow. In this “global movement for all humanity,” UNFPA is calling on social network participants to raise awareness around these seven issues. Remembering that each person is going to be 1 in 7 billion and that we are all counting on each other, UNFPA is calling on everyone to make their voice heard while confronting the challenges and opportunities that 7 billion people on this planet presents. Because small actions taken by 7 billion people add up to huge results.

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