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17 Days of Action From Mother Earth to Mothers

April 21, 2011

The Population Institute is proud to join with other supporters of the "Million for a Billion" petition campaign to highlight the linkages between family planning, healthy mothers and a healthy planet. When women everywhere have access to family planning and reproductive health services, there are fewer unplanned births, fewer women die as a result of pregnancy-related causes, and more children survive infancy.  Women are empowered, their families prosper, and the whole world benefits.

It’s time to show the world that there’s nothing to be lost by achieving universal access to reproductive health care services…and everything to be gained.  In order to spread that message the “Million for a Billion” campaign is launching 17 days of action between Earth Day 2011 and Mother’s Day 2011. 

Many of the organizations supporting the “Million for a Billion” campaign will participate in this public awareness campaign by encouraging their members and supporters to take a simple action step every day.  Those interested in participating in the campaign can check our blog, our Twitter, or our Facebook pages for daily updates and action steps.

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