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February 17, 2011

The Population Institute today joined other family planning advocates in launching a new global petition campaign urging U.S. and other donor nations to increase their support for family planning and reproductive health programs.  The effort calls upon the international community to make access to contraceptives and reproductive health services a reality, not just a right.   

As part of its poverty-fighting Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations has set 2015 as the target year for achieving universal access to reproductive health care, but to realize that goal, the U.S. and other donor nations must boost their support.  The U.S., for its part, needs to increase its annual appropriation to $1 billion, $352 million above the current funding level.  Other donor nations need to increase their support as well.  Without a net $1 billion a year increase this year in the level of international support for family planning, it’s increasingly unlikely that the 2015 target can be met.

Robert J. Walker, Executive Vice President of the Population Institute, said, “Expanding family planning and reproductive health services is key to reducing maternal and infant mortality, hunger, severe poverty, promoting gender equity, and protecting the environment.  That’s why the 2015 target is so important.  And if we are going to meet that target, we need to act now.  Time is running out.”

Dubbed the “Million for a Billion” petition campaign, the effort seeks to collect a million on-line signatures in support of a $1 billion increase in the level of international support for contraceptives and reproductive health programs in the developing world.  That includes a boost in the U.S. funding level to $1 billion--an increase of $352 million from last year's funding level. 

Other organizations endorsing the petition campaign include a wide range of family planning and reproductive health advocates.

Click here to sign the petition.

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