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29th Annual Global Media Award Winners Announced

October 31, 2008

Washington, DC – The Mayor of London, a series on CNN, and a two time Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist are among the 10 recipients of The Population Institute's 2008 Global Media Awards for Excellence in Population Reporting. The awards will be presented November 18, at a ceremony in Los Angeles, CA.
DZMM Radio of the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp is being honored for a core program of thier station intent on managing population for national progress. Station Manger Angelo Palmones of DZMM in the Philippines will receive the award for Best Combined Media Effort. This project managed by DZMM encompasses a variety of different media including radio programs, books and congresses to help promote education on maternal health, family planning, and other population related issues.
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and weekly columnist for The Telegraph, will be honored with the award for Best Print Editorial Columnist for his editorial entitled "Global Over-Population is the Real Issue." This editorial states the importance of overpopulation as a topic and challenges politicians to talk about it and quit treating it as a taboo subject.
Reuters will be awarded Best News Service for its news and analyses of events occurring around the world that can have an impact on the high fertility rate in some of world's poorest countries and the effects that the growing population can have on the environment.
The PUSH Journal will receive the award for Best Online News Service for its daily updates of sexual and reproductive health issues around the world. PUSH Journal's daily e-mail service puts top population stories together in one place, making it one of the most convenient and easy-to-use communication services on population issues.
Robert Engelman, of the Worldwatch Institute, will be honored with the award for Best Individual Reporting Effort for his book More: Population, Nature, and What Women Want. More looks at how population growth has shaped modern civilization – and humanity as we know it. It argues that with knowledge and contraception, women will themselves regulate population in their families, and thus their communities and the world.
New Security Beat by the Environmental Change and Security Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars will be awarded Best Online Commentary for its posts on international population issues and their links to the environment, international development, foreign policy, and peace and conflict.
Planet in Peril will receive the award for Best Film or Miniseries. This four hour documentary that aired on CNN was hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin. Planet in Peril focused on four main issues that threaten the planet and its inhabitants: global warming, species loss, habitat loss, and overpopulation.
Albert Bartlett will be honored with the award for Best Magazine Article for his article entitled "Why Have Scientists Succumbed to Political Correctness." Dr. Bartlett expresses concern over scientists identifying overpopulation as a cause of problems in their writings, but ignoring it in their recommendations for solving environmental problems.
Dave Ansell and Chris Smith, The Naked Scientists, will receive the Best Radio Show award for their weekly BBC radio show. The Naked Scientists use radio, live lectures, and the Internet to strip science down to its bare essentials, and promote it to the general public.
Morning Joe, on MSNBC and hosted by Joe Scarborough, will be recognized as Best TV Show. Morning Joe is a morning talk show that discusses the news of the day. It is being honored for an interview with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Director of Columbia University's Earth Institute; during MSNBC's Green is Universal Week, which does a great job covering population as a green issue.
Don Wright, an editorial cartoonist who recently retired from The Palm Beach Post, has won two Pulitzer Prizes over the course of his career. Wright will receive the award for Best Editorial Cartoonist for his work highlighting the effect a growing world population will have on resources.

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