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The Population Institute Announces New Executive Vice President

January 30, 2009

Washington, DC - The Population Institute announced today the appointment of Robert Walker as Executive Vice President. Mr. Walker will assume this role on February 9, 2009.
Mr. Walker brings more than 30 years of experience in Washington to this position.  He has worked a total of 14 years on Capitol Hill, and served as a senior advisor to three Congressional leaders, including Rep. John B. Anderson and Rep. Morris K. Udall.  Off the Hill, Mr. Walker has served as legislative counsel for AARP, president of Handgun Control, Inc., and executive director of the Common Cause Education Fund.  He currently serves as president of the Population Resource Center, a position he held for almost two years.
Mr. Walker will be responsible for a broad range of programs, including the Institute's prestigious annual Global Media Awards. With his extensive background in public policy, he hopes to expand the Institute's public education efforts.
In assuming his new position, Mr. Walker stated, "It is imperative that policymakers, opinion leaders, and the general public understand that voluntary family planning and reproductive health services are critical to so many of the issues that we all care about, including maternal and child health, education, reduction of poverty, the environment, gender equity, and human rights."
Mr. Walker received his B.A. in Economics from Rockford College and his J.D. from the University of Illinois School of Law.
The Population Institute is an international, educational, non-profit organization that seeks to voluntarily reduce excessive population growth, through universal access to family planning information, education, and services. We strive to achieve a world population in balance with a healthy global environment and resource base.  Established in 1969, the Institute, with members in 172 countries, is headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

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