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The Population Institute is an international non-profit that educates policymakers and the public about population, and seeks to promote universal access to family planning information, education, and services.  Through voluntary family planning, we strive to achieve a world population in balance with a healthy global environment and resource base. 

Population News

  • Congress Maintains Funding for Family Planning in FY2015 Dec. 15, 2014 - Congress has approved a $1.1 trillion appropriations bill funding most of the government through the end of the current fiscal year, which ends September 30, 2015. While the “CRomnibus” funds international family planning programs at last year’s level, the FY2015 funding levels are still below what is needed to ensure the accessibility of family planning services to the 225 million women in the developing world who want to avoid a pregnancy, but who are not using a modern method of contraception. Congress also renewed funding for Title X, the federal program providing family planning services to low-income households in the U.S. Read More »
  • Supreme Court Rules Against Contraceptive Mandate Jun. 30, 2014 - Today the Supreme Court issued its ruling in the much anticipated Hobby Lobby case. In a 5-4 split decision the Supreme Court ruled that “closely-held corporations” did not have to comply with the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act if that coverage would violate their religious beliefs. This ruling that allows bosses to use their own religious beliefs to deny women access to affordable birth control is a loss for women around the country. Read More »
  • Senate and House Divided on International Family Planning Aid Jun. 25, 2014 - Senate and House Appropriations Committees approved drastically different State Department and Foreign Operations appropriations bills this month. The two bills represent dramatically different futures for women around the world. Robert Walker, president of the Population Institute, says the differences between the two measures “have set the stage for another House/Senate showdown over support for international family planning assistance. The stakes, once again, are high.” A final compromise is not expected to be reached until November or later. Read More »
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Our News

  • Dec 10, 2014
    Population Institute Names 35th Annual Global Media Award Winners - The Population Institute today is pleased to announce the winners of the 35th annual Global Media Awards competition. This year’s award recipients addressed a wide range of population-related issues, including the status of women, the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people; reproductive health in developing countries; the implications of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision; climate change and its human toll; population and the environment; the transformative impact of a population, health, and environment (PHE) project in Africa, and the growing number of young women in America who are resisting social pressures and choosing not to have children. These are important issues that affect human lives, the health of women and their families, and the future of the planet. The Population Institute is proud to recognize this year’s winners for their profound insights and their journalistic excellence. Their voices deserve to be heard and their efforts acknowledged. Read More »
  • Dec 08, 2014
    Population Institute Selects Second Werner Fornos Fellow - The Population Institute today proudly announced the selection of Katherine Northcott as the Institute’s second Werner Fornos Fellow. Northcott recently returned from serving two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Burkina Faso, where she worked as a Community Health Development Agent. Prior to joining the Peace Corps, she attended Northwestern University, where she received a B.A. in Economics, African Studies, and French and interned with sexual health organizations in Chicago. Northcott will be assisting in the preparation of several upcoming reports. Read More »
  • Sep 26, 2014
    Population Institute Celebrates World Contraception Day - The Population Institute, in honor of World Contraception Day, has released a new fact sheet and infographic detailing the ways that family planning saves the lives of women and children in the developing world. Read More »
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Report: Not Making the Grade

Report: Not Making the Grade

Report: From 6 to 7 Billion

Report: From 6 to 7 Billion

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  • Mulling the Motherhood Mandate Oct 29, 2014 - Of all the important decisions we make in our lives, questions about whether to have a child or not, or even when to have a child, have to be near the top of the list, and while that is true for men, it is certainly the case with women. Given the enormous personal stakes in childbearing, it is surprising that more women have not written a book about the pros and cons that go into making childbearing decisions. Read More »
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